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Robert Louis Stevenson Collection (http://libwww.syr.edu/digital/guides/s/stevenson_rl.htm):

1) Three letters: 12 November 1878, 19 and 21 December 1880.

2) ‘Books and reading. / No. 2. How books have to be written’ (5 leaves)

3) ‘Did Chuchu sweat?’ (2 leaves)

4) ‘My first book / Treasure Island’ (8 leaves)

5) ‘St. Ives’ (1 leaf)

6) (i) ‘The tropics vanish, and meseems that I’; (ii) ‘To my old comrades’ [= ‘To My Old Familiars’]; (iii) ‘The House of Tembinoka’ (three poems from Songs of Travel (1895), not Underwoods (1887) as the catalogue has it).


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