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Archives of Charles Scribner’s Sons (C0101); Manuscripts (2 cancelled pages of the Jekyll and Hyde “Notebook Draft” [Morris L. Parrish Collection], juvenile story ‘The Plague Cellar’, earliest ms. of St Ives); two boxes of original 19th-century photographs of RLS.

Wainwright, Alexander D. [or: Princeton University. Library. Dept. of Rare Books and Special Collections] (1971). Robert Louis Stevenson : a catalogue of the Henry E. Gerstley Stevenson Collection, the Stevenson section of the Morris L. Parrish Collection of Victorian Novelists, and items from other collections in the Dept. of Rare Books and Special Collections of the Princeton University Library. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton

The Catalogue of the Stevenson collection in the Parrish collection of Victorian Novelists is now available on-line in a pdf format. There are two files that can be accessed: Items acquired since 1971 (a small file that can be easily consulted) and the main 1971 catalogue by Alexander Wainwright, which is the one that gives the problems.

Here’s the way through the labyrinth to the Stevenson catalogues (or just simply click on the last URLs in this sequence): > Library Catalogs > Other Princeton Catalogs: Rare books and special collections finding aids > Finding aids and collections descriptions > M to Z > Parrish: Morris L. Parrish Collection of Victorian Novelists (A Finding Aid prepared by Sylvia Yu) at scroll down to the bottom of the page and: Related Publications: Index of /rbsc2/parrish at scroll down to Stevenson.6.pdf

Morris L. Parrish Collection of Victorian Novelists C0171, box 24

24.9 Stevenson, Fanny Van de Grift, 1840-1914, Miscellaneous Correspondence
24.10, 11 RLS, Miscellaneous Correspondence
24.12 RLS, Letters to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stevenson (parents)
24.13 RLS, Letters to Edmund Goss24.14RLS, Miscellaneous Documents
24.15 RLS, Catriona: draft of title page, under the title David Balfour
24.16 RLS, “Franklin… Dialogue concerning virtue and pleasure”
24.18 RLS, In the South Seas: chapter headings (Wainwright XIII.18)
24.19 RLS, The Master of Ballantrae: AMs, one leaf, mounted
24.20 RLS, St. Ives: title page
24.21 RLS, St. Ives: chapters 1-7
24.22 RLS, St. Ives: chapters 8-13
24.23 RLS, St. Ives: chapters 14-18
24.24 RLS, St. Ives: chapters 19-24
24.25 RLS, St. Ives: chapters 25-26 and miscellaneous leaves
24.26 RLS, “Though he that ever kind and true…”: AMs of poem
24.27 RLS, The Wrecker: portion of Chapter XX
24.28 RLS, “The Young Chevalier” (8 lines of Stevenson’s writing)
24.29 RLS, Pencil drawing of a village
24.30 RLS, Self-portrait in academic garb, matted24.31Stevenson, Thomas, 1818-1887, Miscellaneous Correspondence

Morris L. Parrish Collection of Victorian Novelists, Henry E. Gerstley Stevenson Collection, Wainwright XIII

XIII.2 musical manuscript, 1p. AMs
XIII.3 David Balfour [Catriona], title page 1 p. AMs
XIII.4 10 checks drawn by RLS 1886-7
XIII.5 ‘Cherish thou, O love’, 1p. AMs
XIII.6 codicil to will, 1892, 2pp. AMs
XIII.7 ‘Consolation’ (poem), 1 p. AMs
XIII.32 St.Ives, Ch. 1-24, 26-28 ; ch. 16-19, 25 and parts of 13, 15, 24 and 28 were printed from this Ms.
XIII.41 The Wrecker, 5 pp. AMs (part of ch. 20)


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