Lamplit, Vicious Fairy Land

By Jeremy Hodges (Bio)

FOR journalist Jeremy Hodges, the 1994 centenary of Robert Louis Stevenson’s death was the start of a lifelong interest in the Scottish author whose life story is every bit as fascinating as his fiction. Commissioned to write a centenary feature for The Sunday Times Scotland, he found every answer to his questions opened up new avenues of research which could never be contained in the space of a newspaper article – and so began a book that would grow to around 200,000 words, including much material missed or omitted by other biographers. While seeking a conventional publisher, he released chapters of the book in serial form, posted monthly on this website. Lamplit, Vicious Fairy Land is now complete and all chapters can be dipped into by clicking on the links below. While the offline publishing world has yet to recognise the book’s potential, anyone wishing to read the whole story as a single PDF file should email

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Lamplit, Vicious Fairy Land by Jeremy Hodges