Robert Louis Stevenson’s Poetry

A Child’s Garden of Verses, 1885

A Child's Garden of Verses, 1885 Read the Virtual Book A Child’s Garden of Verses Contents I. Bed in Summer; II. A Thought; III. At the Sea-Side; IV. Young Night-Thought; V. Whole Duty of Children; VI. Rain; VII. Pirate Story; VIII. Foreign Lands; IX. Windy Nights; X. Travel; XI. Singing; XII. Looking Forward; XIII. A [...]

Underwoods, 1887

Underwoods, 1887 Read the Virtual Book Underwoods Contents Book I. In English I. Envoy; II. A Song Of The Road; III. The Canoe Speaks; IV. “It is the season now to go”; V. The House Beautiful; VI. A Visit From The Sea; VII. To A Gardener; VIII. To Minnie; IX. To K. De M.; X. [...]

Ballads, 1890

Ballads, 1890 Read the Virtual Book Ballads Contents "The Song of Rahero: A Legend of Tahiti" I. The Slaying of Tamatea; II. The Venging of Tamatea; III. Rahero; Notes to the Song of Rahero "The Feast of Famine: Marquesan Manners" I. The Priest's Vigil; II. The Lovers; III. The Feast IV. The Raid; Notes to [...]

Songs of Travel and Other Verses, 1895

Songs of Travel and Other Verses, 1895 Read the Virtual Book Songs of Travel and Other Verses Contents I. The Vagabond—Give to me the life I love; II. Youth and Love: i.—Once only by the garden gate; III. Youth and Love: ii.—To the heart of youth the world is a highwayside; IV. In dreams, unhappy, [...]