RLS Copyright Information

Citing the RLS Website We are happy for you to use The RLS Website for educational purposes, but please acknowledge the site if you use any material from it (images, however, must not be used – see below). To cite the RLS Website in a bibliography, use the following format:

The RLS Website. https://robert-louis-stevenson.org/. Date viewed.

Image Copyright 

The RLS Website has carefully sought permissions for the images that we use and/or has used images which are out of copyright. If you think that the website has incorrectly attributed credit to any image, please contact us. The images on the RLS Website must not be downloaded for any reason. The images are intended for educational purposes only, and must not be used for commercial purposes. If you wish to use an image you must contact the institute or organization holding the rights to the images directly (who owns the rights to the image is usually identified at the end of each page on the RLS Website, or underneath the image). The institution or organization will charge a fee for commercial use of any image.

Copyright on RLS’s works

By the terms of the Berne Convention, all of Robert Louis Stevenson’s published works became public domain in December 1944, 50 years after his death. The Copyrights, Designs and Patents Act of 1988 extended the period of expiration, but only  to 70 years, so Stevenson’s writings remain out of copyright. As such,  they may be quoted without further permission.

(With thanks to Freddy Fiorentino)