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If you would like to receive the monthly RLS Website Newsletter containing significant new additions to the RLS Website, send the message “Please put me on the Robert Louis Stevenson site update mailing list” to richard.dury@gmail.com , adding a few lines about yourself (where you live, what you do, your interests, your interest in Stevenson and what started the interest for you): I’ll be happy to put this presentation in the “new members” section of the next Newsletter. But if you prefer not to – no problem, just send the basic request.

The Newsletter is sent out about once month as a plain-text e-mail message accompanied by the same message in a rich-text-format document, suitable for printing out. You can also find downloadable copies below. It gives information about new publications, academic conferences, additions to the pages on adaptations of RLS’s works and other information about events. They can also be used for enquiries about the location of quotations, the interpretation of texts etc. The messages do not function as a discussion group, but news items or “letters to the editor” can be sent to Richard Dury for inclusion in the next Newsletter.