Essays by Robert Louis Stevenson

Uncollected Essays

Uncollected Essays RLS with Quill Pen (1886) UNCOLLECTED ESSAYS, by year of publication The following is a brief guide to first publication of RLS’s uncollected essays. While some of these essays have subsequently been published in volumes of RLS’s writings, RLS never organized these for publication in the same way that he compiled Virginibus Puerisque [...]

Memories and Portraits, 1887

Memories and Portraits, 1887 Read the Virtual Book Memories and Portraits Contents "The Foreigner at Home" (1882) "Some College Memories" (1886) "Old Mortality" (1884) "An Old Scotch Gardener" (1871) "Pastoral" (1887) "The Manse" (1887) "A Humble Remonstrance" (1884) "A College Magazine" (not previously published) "A Penny Plain and Twopence Coloured" (1884) "A Gossip on Romance" (1882) [...]

Across the Plains with Other Memories and Essays, 1892

Across the Plains with Other Memories and Essays, 1892 Read the Virtual Book Across the Plains Contents "Epilogue to An Inland Voyage" (1888) "The Lantern Bearers" (1888) "A Chapter on Dreams" (1888) "Beggars" (1888) "Contributions to the History of Fife: Random Memories" (1888) "The Education of an Engineer: More Random Memories" (1888) "Across the Plains: Leaves [...]

Familiar Studies of Men and Books, 1882

Familiar Studies of Men and Books, 1882 Read the Virtual Book Familiar Studies of Men and Books Contents "Preface, by Way of Criticism" (not previously published) "Victor Hugo’s Romances" (1874) "Some Aspects of Robert Burns" (1879) "Walt Whitman" (1878) "Henry David Thoreau: His Character and Opinions" (1880) "Yoshida-Torajiro" (1880) "François Villon, Student, Poet, and Housebreaker" (1877) [...]

Virginibus Puerisque, 1881

Virginibus Puerisque, 1881 Read the Virtual Book Virginibus Puerisque and Other Papers Contents "Virginibus Puerisque i" (1876) "Virginibus Puerisque ii" (1881) "Virginibus Puerisque iii: On Falling in Love" (1877) "Virginibus Puerisque iv: The Truth of Intercourse" (1879) "Crabbed Age and Youth" (1878) "An Apology for Idlers" (1877) "Ordered South" (1874) "Aes Triplex" (1878) "El Dorado" [...]