Links to other Robert Louis Stevenson resources

On this page you will find links to useful RLS sites, Scottish Studies sites, Victorian Studies sites, and more.

You may also want to visit the Internet Archive at The Internet Archive is an invaluable resource which has many different editions of RLS’s works. You can also find full-texts of RLS biographies and hundreds of other resources.

RLS Websites

The National Library of Scotland has pages devoted to Robert Louis Stevenson illustrated by the material held in the library’s collections.

The University of South Carolina runs a website based on the 1994 centenary exhibition curated by Jason A. Pierce and Roger Mortimer, with assistance from Bruce Bowlin. Edited by Jason A. Pierce, this is an excellent online exhibit devoted to RLS, including a biographical and bibliographical survey based on first-editions, interesting later editions, photographs, illustrations and manuscripts.

The European Network In the Footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson promotes the life and works of the author. It has now achieved recognition as a European Cultural Route.”

Scotlandʼs Writers: Robert Louis Stevenson (BBC2 ʻWriting Scotlandʼ website).

Illustrated Letters: Mafalda Cipollone’s The (illustrated) Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson.

Stevenson Edition Blog:  EdRLS.

Pinterest: The World of Robert Louis Stevenson, assembled by the Silverado Robert Louis Stevenson Museum is a collection of web-images about RLS, his life and works.

Flickr: Robert Louis Stevenson Group Pool — images connected with RLS and his works.

Tumblr: Robert Louis Stevenson Snippets collects images, video clips etc. flagged by Twitter or posted on Flickr.

Scottish Studies Sites

The ASLS (Association for Scottish Literary Studies) is “an educational charity that aims to promote the study, teaching and writing of Scottish literature, and to further the study of the languages of Scotland”.

The Bottle Imp “exists to promote and support the teaching and study of Scottish literature and language. Inside we have articles, opinions, and arguments waiting to happen, along with information on new developments in Scottish literature and literary criticism”.

Capital Collections. Here you will find “a choice of images from the collections of Edinburgh City Libraries and Information Services. Whether you are researching your family tree or doing a school project, you can discover the historical and cultural life of Edinburgh, Scotland and the Scots through this growing image library which includes a wonderful selection of photographs, drawings, watercolours and engravings”.

Victorian Studies Sites

The Victorian Web, edited by Prof George Landow, is an excellent resource for those interested in the Victorian period. The site has useful academic information about all aspects of the period.

Other Sites

Oxford Bibliographies: Robert Louis Stevenson: an on-line resource distributed mainly to libraries and other institutions, but Introduction and General Overviews are open to all.

City of Literature. “The City of Literature Trust is an independent charity.  It was set up with a voluntary Board of Trustees in late 2004, and has two full-time members of staff.  Our aim is to capitalise on the presitigious UNESCO designation awarded to the city, and raise awareness of books and literature in everyday Edinburgh life”.

ʻR.L. Stevenson, Literary Journeyʼ and ʻR.L. Stevensonʼs Edinburghʼ: two of the Edinburgh stories on the site of The Central Library, Edinburgh, ‘Our Town: Edinburgh’s Past in Stories and Images’.

Yvette Gauthier, ‘Sur les pas de Stevenson’, Flickr.

Robert Louis Stevenson: Le chant du lendemain… Un voyage pour demain is a blog dedicated to Robert Louis Stevenson, based in Etréaupont on the Oise, on RLS’s Inland Voyage route.

Nigel Planer talks about Robert Louis Stevenson, on ‘The Book Show’ (Sky Arts), 11 September 2011.

The Stevenson Way – Scotland’s Wilderness Walk. A unique wilderness walk across the heart of Scotland, based on the book Kidnapped, by Robert Louis Stevenson. Over 230 miles ( 370 km) in length, based on real historical events.

The Long John Silver Trust plans to create a Treasure Island trail around Bristol harbour. Their website contains lots of interesting information about Stevenson’s classic adventure story.

Health Biographies of RLS and Fanny by Max Banfield.

Ira Bickoff’s Sailthebook site site allows you to follow Stevenson’s voyages in the South Seas via Google Earth images

Passengers (including RLS) who disembarked from the Devonia, 18th August 1879.