Short Stories of Robert Louis Stevenson

“The Story of a Lie”, 1879

"The Story of a Lie", 1879 Summary Read the Virtual Book Dick Naseby falls in love with a young woman, Esther Von Tromp. Unfortunately, her father is Peter Von Tromp, jokingly called “The Admiral”. The Admiral is a terrible painter, a drunkard and a parasite on other people’s goodwill. Because she hasn’t seen her father [...]

New Arabian Nights, 1882

New Arabian Nights, 1882 Read the Virtual Book New Arabian Nights Contents (1878) i)"The Suicide Club" [Story of the Young Man with the Cream Tarts, Story of the Physician and the Saratoga Trunk, The Adventure of the Hansom Cabs] ii)"The Rajah's Diamond" [Story of the Bandbox, Story of the Young Man in Holy Orders, Story [...]

“The Body Snatcher”, 1884

"The Body Snatcher", 1884 Read the Virtual Book Summary Fettes studies medicine at Edinburgh and works under and lodges with the anatomist Mr K____ (Stevenson was probably referring to the anatomist Robert Knox, who infamously received bodies for dissection murdered by Burke and Hare). Fettes is also in charge of receiving and dividing bodies for [...]

“The Misadventures of John Nicholson: A Christmas Story”, 1887

"The Misadventures of John Nicholson: A Christmas Story", 1887 Read the Virtual Book Summary John Nicholson studies law and lives in Edinburgh with his father, Mr Nicholson, and younger siblings Maria and Alexander. One day John is sent on business to the bank to deposit £400. On the way, he visits a billiard hall to call [...]

The Merry Men, 1887

The Merry Men, 1887  Read the Virtual Book The Merry Men and Other Tales and Fables Contents “The Merry Men” (1882) “Will o’the Mill” (1878) “Markheim” (1885) “Thrawn Janet” (1881) “Olalla” (1885) “The Treasure of Franchard” (1883) Summaries “The Merry Men” (1882) In “The Merry Men” Charles pays a visit to his Uncle Gordon and [...]

Island Nights’ Entertainments, 1893

Island Nights' Entertainments, 1893 Read the Virtual Book Island Nights' Entertainments Contents “The Beach of Falesa” (1892) “The Bottle Imp” (1891) “The Isle of Voices” (1893) Summaries “The Beach of Falésa (Being the Narrative of a South Sea Trader) (1892)” John Wiltshire comes to Falésa to be a trader. He learns that the previous traders [...]

Fables, 1896

Fables, 1896 Read the Virtual Book Fables Contents “The Persons of the Tale” "The Devil and the Innkeeper” “The Penitent” “The Yellow Paint” “The House of Eld” “The Four Reformers” “The Man and His Friend” “The Reader” “The Citizen and the Traveller” “The Distinguished Stranger” “The Cart-horses and the Saddle-horse” “The Tadpole and the Frog” [...]