“Men are born with various manias: from my earliest childhood, it was mine to make a plaything of imaginary series of events; and as soon as I was able to write, I became a good friend to the paper maker”

(RLS, “My First Book: Treasure Island”, The Idler 6 [August 1894])

The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson is not only remarkable for the number of works he produced in his twenty-year literary career, but also for the range of genres he adopted: essays, travel writing, short stories, novels and romances, as well as poetry, plays and biography. Stevenson also composed music for the flageolet. Within these genres, too, his output is remarkable for what Henry James calls his “constant variety of experiment”.

The Works pages are devoted to all of the works RLS produced (including a page on his music). You can browse the works by genre, in the left-hand menu, or chronologically in the menu below. Once you click on a work, you will find a brief synopsis and the full-text of the work, provided by the Internet Archive.

In ‘Editions‘ to find lists of Editions of RLS’s works (part of the RLS Archive), including Collected Editions, Recent Editions of his works, Editions Published in the UK from 1921-1960 and Illustrated Editions.

You will also find lists of RLS’s works translated into French, Italian, German and Spanish. In addition, you will find a Collector’s List of editions: Tiger Books compiles a yearly catalogue of first and early limited editions of RLS’s works that would interest serious collectors. Furthermore, you will find a list of Stevenson catalogues – these published bibliographies list editions of RLS’s works.

Finally, the Works Chronology is a complete listing, including publication details, of Stevenson’s works.

Treasure Island Frontispiece
Treasure Island Frontispiece