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Full-length biographies often praised include Balfour 1901, Furnas 1951, Pope-Hennessy 1974, Rankin 1987, Bell 1992, Harman 2005. Short biographies of note include Smith 1938, Daiches 1974 and Mehew 2004. To learn more about the life of RLS you should also read Stevenson’s own letters and autobiographical writings and the anthologies of first-person testimonies: Hammerton 1907, Masson 1922, Terry 1996 and Hubbard 2008.

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H = Reprinted entirely or in part in A. Hammerton (ed.) (1907). Stevensoniana. An Anecdotal Life and Appreciation of Robert Louis Stevenson. Edinburgh: John Grant.

M = Reprinted entirely or in part in Masson, Rosaline (1922). I Can Remember Robert Louis Stevenson. Edinburgh / London: W. R. Chambers.

T = Reprinted entirely or in part in R. C. Terry (ed.) (1996). Robert Louis Stevenson: Interviews and Recollections. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press.

TH = Reprinted in Tom Hubbard (2008). “Robert Louis Stevenson”. In Tom Hubbard, Rikky Rooksby and Edward Wakeling (eds.) Lives of Victorian Literary Figures, Part VI: Carroll, Stevenson and Swinburne by their Contemporaries. 3 vols. Pickering & Chatto.

See also:
Ehrsam, Theodore G. and Robert H. Deily (1936). Bibliographies of Twelve Victorian Authors. New York, H. W. Wilson.

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1881 – 1890

Archer, William Robert (1887). “Robert Louis Stevenson at ‘Skerryvore'”. Critic (5 Nov.): 225-27.
[first-hand report of house, and S’s appearance, gestures and conversation]

Anon. (‘One Who Knows Him’). ‘Mr. R. L. Stevenson at Home’. Woman At Home [London] Jan. 1894, 339-46.
[written after Sept visit of Kaoomba crew by a member of the Apia community]


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[Lowe was a fellow-student at Edinburgh University]

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[a San Francisco journalist reports on life at Vailima]

Cook, Walter (1893). ‘Some South Sea Reminiscences. (Not by Robert Louis Stevenson)’. West Australian [newspaper] 23 Jan 1893.
[reminiscences of a Pacific sailor; partly reprinted in Catherine Mathews, ‘Charting the Foreigner at Home’. Journal of Stevenson Studies 10 (2013), pp. 92-93]

Anon.(‘one who knows him’) (1894). ‘Mr. R. L. Stevenson at Home’. The Woman at Home (Feb. 1894): 339-46.
[apparently written by a member of the Apia community; describes Vailima; illustrated]

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[illustrated by A. J. Daplyn and Gordon Brown; reprinted in In Fraser 1895]

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[describes RLS’s birthday feast in November 1894; reprinted in Fraser 1895]

Osbourne, Lloyd (1894). “A Letter to Mr Stevenson’s Friends”. Apia, Samoa: privately printed.
[account of Stevenon’s death and burial]

Anon. (1895). “The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson”. The Edinburgh Review (July). H
[also contains information about S’s early life in Edinburgh]

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[reprinted in Baildon 1901]

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[about Skerryvore; see also Hollander 1934]

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[Churchill was a South Seas ethnologist and U.S. consul in Apia from 1896]

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[published in revised form in Gosse 1896]

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[reminiscences of RLS in New York in the spring of 1888]

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[about Swanston cottage; inhabitants recall the family]

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[Included in Memories of Vailima (1902, pp. 7-74), without the illustrations.]

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[memories of childhood games]

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[acknowledges “the help which Mr Henley has given me in the making of this essay towards a just appreciation of his old comrade”, so possibly contains Henley’s version of events to pre-empt Balfour’s 1901 biography]

Gosse, Edmund (1899). “Stevenson’s Relations with Children”. Chambers Journal 6th ser. 81(2) (July): 449-451.

Strong, Isobel Osbourne (1899). “Stevenson in Samoa”. Century Magazine 58(3) (July). TH

Colvin, Sidney (1900). “Stevenson’s Beginnings”. Academy (10 Mar.): 7.
[letter correcting the version of the first publication of Treasure Island given by Robert Leighton in March 1890; includes a testimony by Japp]

Duncan, William Henry (1900). “Stevenson’s Second Visit to America”. Bookman (New York) 10 (Jan.): 454-64.

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[letter about the publication of Treasure Island in Young Folks]

Wallace, William (1900). “The Life and Limitations of Stevenson”. Scottish Review (Jan.): 13-35. TH
[Review of Colvin’s Letters to His Family and Friends (1899), Cornford (1899), Black (1896) and Simpson (1898); overviews his life; identifies “cameraderie” as a leading characteristic and quotes two witnesses on the style of his conversation; the “limitations” concern the lack of good female protagonists and the lack of a major novel]


Baildon, H. Bellyse (1901). Robert Louis Stevenson. A Life Study in Criticism. London: Chatto & Windus. T
[Baildon knew RLS at school and University; ch 2-4 are biographical, taken in part from Baildon 1895]

Balfour Graham (1901). The Life of Robert Louis Stevenson. London: Methuen.
[indispensable source, as Balfour knew Stevenson and his family personally and had access to documents since lost; Henley’s review in The Pall Mall Magazine, Dec. 1901, starts the “debunking” tradition]

Bell, Howard Wilford (1901) “An Unpublished Chapter in the Life of Robert Louis Stevenson” Pall Mall Magazine 24: 267-71 H, TH
[S in Monterey and San Francisco]

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Vailings, Harold (1901). “Stevenson Among the Philistines”. Temple Bar 122 (Feb.): 205-09. T
[Stevenson at Davos.]

Colvin, Sidney (1902). “Stevenson at Hampstead”. Hampstead Annual (Dec.): 144-53.

Morse, Captn. Hiram Gardner. (1902). Robert Louis Stevenson as I Found him In His Island Home. [no publication details]

[the Beinecke catalogue has “[Brooklyn N.Y. : H.G. Morse]” for publication details by former captain of the S.S. Alameda; 20 pp]

Strong, Isobel Osbourne (1902). “In Samoa with Stevenson”. Century Magazine (Mar.).

Strong, Isobel and Lloyd Osbourne (1902). Memories of Vailima. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons. London: Archibald Constable., 1903.
[the US edition is 228 pp. with 31 b&w photographs; the UK edition has 151 pp with only an engraved portrait frontispiece]

Gosse, Edmund (1903). “Robert Louis Stevenson”. In Enclyclopedia Britannica (10th edition).

Stoddard, Charles Warren (1903). “Stevenson in the South Seas”. In Exits and Entrances. Boston: Lothrop. 13-37. T
[includes recollections of meetings with RLS in Monterey and San Francisco]

Wallace, William (1902). “Scotland, Stevenson, and Mr Henley”. New Liberal Review (Feb.): 79-86.

Hammerton, John Alexander (1903). Stevensoniana. London: Grant Richards.
[reprints many early biographical memoirs in whole or in part; other similar anthologies are Masson 1922 and Terry 1996; see Hammerton 1907]

Stevenson, Margaret Isabella (ed. Marie Clothilde Balfour) (1903). From Saranac to the Marquesas and Beyond. London: Methuen.
[letters written by S’s mother to her sister Jane Whyte Balfour 1887-8]

Sharp, William (1904). “The Country of Stevenson”. In Literary Geography. London: Pall Mall Press. 20-33. T
[vol. 4 of The Selected Writings of William Sharp; vivid description of Stevenson glimpsed at Waterloo Station; orig. pub. in Sharp’s “Literary Geography” articles in the Pall Mall Magazine in 1903 or 4; online text]

Japp, Alexander Hay (1905). Robert Louis Stevenson: A Record, An Estimate and a Memorial. London: Werner Laurie. T

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[These were then used as prefaces for the “Biographical Edition” published by Scribner’s 1905-1911, and later included in the Tusitala, Skerryvore and South Seas Editions]

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[in a monthly series of biographies to make volumes with a special theme; vol. 13 is “Little Journeys to the Home of Great Lovers”, so it may be catalogued in libraries under this title, the Stevenson number is pp. 9-36]

Simpson, Eve Blantyre (1906). Robert Louis Stevenson. Boston / London: John W. Luce. (Spirit of the Age Series, No. 2)
[also found as: Edinburgh & London: T. N. Foulis].

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Hammerton, James Alexander (1907). Stevensoniana. An Anecdotal Life and Appreciation of Robert Louis Stevenson. Edinburgh: John Grant.
[“new and revised edition” of Hammerton 1903, with a few changes to the text and augmented by many new photographs; reprinted 1910]

Sellar, Eleanor Mary (1907). Recollections and Impressions. Edinburgh / London: Blackwoods. T
[pp.195-99, elsewhere she also talks of the Edinburgh of S’s youth; includes the story of Mrs Fleeming Jenkins’ first meeting with RLS]

Clarke, William Edward (1908). “Personal Recollections of Robert Louis Stevenson”. Chronicle of the London Missionary Society (Apr-May).
[Repr. in Clarke and Claxton 1908; see also Clarke 1921]

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[Repr. in Clarke and Claxton 1908; see also Claxton 1922]

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Low, Will H. (1908). A Chronicle of Friendships, 1873-1900. New York / London: Charles Scribner’s Sons / Hodder & Stoughton.
[presents a good picture of the studio life in Paris and the artists’ colonies in the Barbizon area and of Bob Stevenson and RLS]

Anon. (1909). “A Reminiscence of R.L.S by A Lantern-Bearer”. Chamber’s Journal: 583-86. M
[about childhood play in North Berwick]

Moors, Harry J. (1910). With Stevenson in Samoa. Boston / London: Small, Maynard. / Collins.
[memoir by Stevenson’s friend on Samoa; includes 47 photographs]


Findlay, J. Patrick (1911). In the Footsteps of R.L.S. Edinburgh: W.P. Nimmo, Hay & Mitchell
[not an “in the footsteps” travel book – short biography, 63 pp.]

Osbourne, Katherine Durham (1911). Robert Louis Stevenson in California. Chicago: A. C. McClurg.
[The first issue was withdrawn because of unauthorized publication of some of Stevenson’s letters (the person who insisted on this would have been Lloyd Osbourne, her ex-husband); many photographs]

Strong, Isobel (1911). Robert Louis Stevenson. London: Cassell (Little Books on Great Writers).
[illustr.; designed for children]

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[25 tipped-in photographic reproductions with brief facing text; many of them of Swanston]

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[recollections of RLS in Saranac Lake]

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[essays, recollections, appreciations. See also 1924 for the slightly different book version ed. by Colvin]

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[vol. 1, 373-89]

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[brief life; see also Masson 1923]

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[describes his meetings and dealings with RLS, pp. 183-201]

Simpson, Eve Blantyre (1914). Robert Louis Stevenson’s Edinburgh Days. London: Hodder & Stoughton.

Stevenson, Mrs Robert Louis [Fanny Van de Grift Stevenson] (1914). The Cruise of the Janet Nichol among the South Sea Islands: A Diary. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons. London: Chatto & Windus, 1915.
[the ship’s name was actually “Janet Nicoll” but Fanny spelt it “Nichol”; the diary on which this is based is in the Silverado Museum; repr. ed. Jolly 2003 (see below)]

Cruse, Amy (1915). Robert Louis Stevenson. London / New York: Harrap (Heroes of Our Time series) / Frederick A. Stokes Co.

Hamilton, Clayton (1915). On the Trail of Stevenson. Garden City, NY / London: Doubleday, Page & Company / Hodder & Stoughton.
[Six sections from articles originally published in The Century Magazine on Stevenson in Edinburgh, Scotland, England, France, The Rest of Europe, America. Illustrated by photos and full-page drawings by Walter Hale. The Appendix (in the 1923 ed. at least) is a chronological outline of Stevenson’s life and his travels. The 1st ed. (151 pp) contains a section of ch. 6 (pp. 130-35) removed in later editions (145 pp) after the Stevenson heirs (probably Lloyd; see similar legal action on Osbourne K. 1911) got the book mostly recalled. These pages refer to RLS and Fanny consumating their relationship in Grez and indirect references to Stevenson’s earlier love-life. Le Bris lists this as 1907, which seems a mistake]

Allen, Maryland (1916). “South Sea Memories of R.L.S.”. Bookman 43 (Aug.): 591-603.
[Allen travels around Tahiti and interviews people who knew Stevenson: Tati Salmon in Papara, Haapii in Tautira and M. Donat in Papeete who had known RLS in Fakarava].

Catton, Robert (1916). A Little Bit of Robert Louis Stevenson. Edinburgh: Andrew Elliot.
[Written for the Scottish Thistle Club of Honolulu, and read on the 28th of June, 1912]

Eaton, Charlotte (1916). A Last Memory of Robert Louis Stevenson. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell.
[short memoir (62 pp.) by someone who knew RLS at Manasquan in 1888; see also Eaton 1921]

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[personalities and conversations at Grez]

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[Stevenson’s doctor at Saranac]

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[in the “Books for the Bairns” series of inexpensive children’s books, started by W. T. Stead in 1896]

Lysaght, Sidney Royse (1919). “A Visit to Robert Louis Stevenson”. TLS (4 Dec.). M
[interesting account of a short stay at Vailima in the spring of 1894; conversations about books and home etc.]

Field, Isobel [Isobel Strong] (1920). Robert Louis Stevenson. Saranac Lake, NY: Stevenson Society of America.
[begins “Before R.L.S. was known to the world as a writer”; chapters are The Child, The Youth, The Man, The Traveler, The Writer, The Teacher, The Friend, The Poet, and The Chief; 87 pp.]

Guthrie, Charles (1920). Robert Louis Stevenson. Some Personal Recollections. Edinburgh: W. Green & Son Ltd.
[previously published in two parts as ‘Robert Louis Stevenson,13th November 1850-–4th December 1894’, in the Juridical Review in 1919.]

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[favourable portrait by Fanny’s sister; contains details of her early life not found elsewhere; Ysabel Matney is the niece of Nellie Sanchez]


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[written a year previous to Simoneau’s death in 1908]

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[pp 113-15: Stevenson correcting proofs of Scribner’s Magazine essays in 1887; pp 295-96: careful and perhaps over-careful revisions]

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[reminscences of the representative of the London Missionary Society in Apia with whom RLS was on friendly terms; see also Clarke 1908]

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[ch 8 “Robert Louis Stevenson”, pp. 98-152]

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[personal recollections of RLS during his stay in New Jersey, May 1888; see also Eaton 1916]

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[see also Claxton 1908]

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[an anticipation of Hellman 1925; starts the story of a love affair with “Claire”]

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[memories of canoeing on the Firth of Forth]

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[about the tobacco that RLS smoked]

Masson, Rosaline (1922). I Can Remember Robert Louis Stevenson. Edinburgh / London: Chambers.
[an excellent source for many personal eyewitness accounts, some reprinted, others written for this volume; other similar anthologies are Hammerton 1910 and Terry 1996]]

Poustie, William (1922). “Some Memories of East Fife and Robert Louis Stevenson”, East Fife Observer 5 Jan. M
[the title is that given in Masson 1922, possibly there was a different title in the newspaper]

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[record of early sayings and doings]

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[memories of RLS in Apia and at Vailima]

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[Whyte meets Thomas Stevenson in 1880 and tells him that he thinks his son will stand beside Swift and Sterne]

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[expanded and revised version of Masson 1914 (revised 1920); the title page has “with numerous illustrations reproducing photographs, manuscript letters and a drawing in black and white”]

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[eye-witness account of a day with RLS in Waikiki, his appearance and conversation]

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[Year-by-year summary 1850-88 from the diaries kept by Stevenson’s mother 1895-6]

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[Contributions from Gosse, Munro, Lowe, Crockett, Osbourne etc.; a revised version of the “Bookman Extra Number” (1913) dedicated to RLS; additional essays and extracts by Colvin. Lloyd Osbourne, W.R. Nicoll, N. Munro, J. A. Hammerton, St. John Adcock and A. Noyes, mostly reprinted from elsewhere]

Osborne, Lloyd (1924). An Intimate Portrait of R.L.S. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons.
[affectionate biographical sketches by Stevenson’s stepson; included as prefaces to the Tusitala and Skerryvore Editions]

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[criticizes Steuart’s debunking biography and overviews the biographical treatment of RLS. See Shermann 1925]

Steuart, John A. (1924). Robert Louis Stevenson, Man and Writer: A Critical Biography, 2 vols. Boston: Little, Brown.
[After Swinnerton (1914), this biography continues the revision of the Stevenson myth, views with disdain the biography of Balfour, tells for the first time the story of Stevenson and Kate Drummond, the Edinburgh streetwalker, and builds on the “Claire” story]

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[Reminiscences of a friend from the Bournemouth period]

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Hellman, George (1925). The True Stevenson: a Study in Clarification. Boston: Little, Brown.
[the second debunking biography, after Steuart 1924, centred on an irregular sex-life that was to a great extent imagined by Hellman on the basis of badly-interpreted evidence; also criticized Fanny as overbearing; see the appendix in Furnas 1952 on “The Dialectics of a Reputation”]

Sherman, Stuart Pratt (1925). “What is Biographical Truth?”. New York Herald Tribune (Books) (Dec. 20): 1-2. Repr in The Emotional Discovery of America. New York: Farrar & Rinehart, 1932.
[criticizes Hellmann’s debunking biography and overviews the biographical treatment of RLS. See Shermann 1924]

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[Descriptions of Skerryvore and RLS in Bournemouth; “his sine qua non” (inseparable, essential companion) is Fanny Stevenson.]

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[Includes several chapters on RLS and quotes many letters from Fanny Stevenson to Colvin and Fanny Sitwell]

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[translation of Carré 1929; British Library catalogue has “Tr., E. Hard. N. Douglas”]


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[also listed as 1930 and 1932; British Library record has “(1931)” and another “[n.d.]”; 310 pp.]

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