The Richard Dury Archive: Derivative Works

The Derivative Works Section of the RLS Archive lists Films, Drama and Music that have all been inspired by Stevenson’s work. For example, you can find film versions of Jekyll and Hyde (1886), stage versions of Treasure Island(1883) and musical settings for A Child’s Garden of Verses (1885).

RLS Derivative Works

You will also find a list of Sequels and Prequels to and Retellings of Stevenson works, and a list of Comic books and Graphic novels adapted from RLS’s writing. You can find a bibliography of Audio & Radio Adaptations of Stevenson’s works and also a list of References to Stevenson’s work in Works of Fiction. You will find a listing called Other Derivative Art, which lists sculptures, woodcuts, painting etc. of Stevenson, as well as illustrations of his works.

In the page called “Spurious Quotations” you can find information about quotes wrongly attributed to Stevenson. Finally, the Unclassified Artefacts page lists games, pubs, etc., that were inspired by Stevenson’s writing.