Creative Writing Competition: ‘Inspired by RLS’

“Men are born with various manias: from my earliest childhood, it was mine to make a plaything of imaginary series of events; and as soon as I was able to write, I became a good friend to the paper maker”

– Robert Louis Stevenson, My First Book: Treasure Island

The Edinburgh Robert Louis Stevenson Club and Edinburgh Napier University have for three years collaborated on running a competition which aims to inspire young writers in Scotland by asking them to produce a piece of creative writing which draws on the rich and rewarding legacy that Robert Louis Stevenson has left us in his works of fiction, poetry, travel writing and essays.

The competition for 2018-2019 is now open, and we’ll be accepting entries from now until the closing date of 18th April 2019! 

For full competition details, read the Competition Leaflet.


  1. Take some inspiration from Robert Louis Stevenson! Find out all about his life, his classic novels and short stories and his poetry on the site, and see what creative ideas are sparked
  2. Get writing! There are three categories:  fictionpoetry or reflective writing. As well as a chance to take part in our fantastic writer’s workshop with Louise Welsh, there are prizes of £100 for the best entry in each category. There is also a special award for the best entry in Scots in any form.
  3. Download and complete a Submission Form and send it with your entry to

Good luck, and enjoy writing!

If you want to spread the word, feel free to download copies of our poster!