Robert Louis Stevenson in Austria

“We left Botzen by carriage at seven this morning and have come to a place, Mittwolde, in Austria. There are only a few houses in it; and it is hemmed in on all sides by high mountains. So we have bidden farewell to Italy” (Alison Cunningham, Cummy’s Diary [London: Chatto and Windus, 1926], p. 167)

On this page you will find information about where RLS travelled in Austria.

When RLS was 12, he, his mother, father, cousin Elizabeth (Bessie) Stevenson and nurse Cummy (Alison Cunningham) travelled through Europe from 2 January – 20 May 1863. On 8 May, they left the Italian leg of their journey and stayed in Botzen. Now part of Italy and known as Bolzano, Botzen was part of the Austro-Hungarian county of Tyrol until 1919.
The Stevensons left Botzen on 9 May and arrived in Mittwolde (this is now Mittenwald, Germany).
On 10 May the party took a carriage along Brenner Pass and arrived in Innsbruck.